heh.. hey..
good morning.. how are u doing.. ?

i just wanted to drop in and say hi..
and tell u something that happened this weekend.
i was just lying there.. closing my eyes..
half asleep, after i finished reading “atlas shrugged”..
fighting the thoughts and trying to supress them..
but few thoughts kept coming back..
some were the moments i enjoyed..
some were the things that i had to do
and some were the things i forgot to do..
well.. u happened to be in all three categories..
it were those moments i spent with u.. alone.that i miss
it occured that i haven’t heard or called u for a long time..
and the last thought, was to mail you as soon as possible..
and well.. i have to tell u..
anytime of the day.. an image of u from my past
brings a wide smile on my grining face..
it is that image where u stood like an adonis..
with only a towel in hand, and nothing else for clothes..
covering only which needs to be covered
a style in the posture.. and joy in the eyes..
and yess. how can i forget that smile..
which curves at the right places..
stronger than temptations.. sweeter than sweetest..
and those words.. that you utter..
with innocence.. and nothing else..
“why.. what happened.. !! “
with a smile that is everlasting..
and with your eyes seeing beyond the face
i miss those moments.. when you were around..
in the forum.. in the lifestyle..
on brigades.. sitting with fruit salad..
in KFC.. the best place of all..
i remain.. as ur memories remain tooo..