sunday 8 am: at home watching “back to the future” on TBS. but i am still under the hangover from friday night.

it was a planned encounter for 6.30 pm in New York. J… was finally coming and I have been looking forward to meet him. I have seen some of his pics and damn.. he turns me on. But there were so many who would turn me on with their pics.. but turn me off with their presence.

so there i was walking towards the rendezvous.. (late by an hour) there he was. exactly like the way i have seen him in the picture.. the first thought that crosses my mind (’will he like me?’) ofcourse i meant the physical attraction. (shouldn’t i have thought .. ‘i like him’)..

anyways.. the next big question.. after those initial awkward moments.. ‘where are we going next?’ we settled for chelsea.. it was a good turn.. since we could spend time walking to that place..

spending a little time walking.. is like those seven steps a couple takes.. i got all the time between us.. and with the constant flow of people.. i always have new thoughts to share.. on our way.. a friend of his calls and says he would like to join him for a drink. (’thats the end of my romance for tonite.. i thought’)

after little street searching..we settled for ‘monster’.. opposite the historical stone park. we got in and there was this crowd.. with varied ages and different ethnic background. i love this place.

it was a big deal to find a seat near the bartenders.. (they are hot.. ) and it was too difficult to get their attention for a drink. but who cares.. i was their to watch their acts..

at that moment.. Mr B makes his entry. ‘Oh my God. He is so hot’. Tall and firm, a  hot Caucasian. With those dimples and the grin. Is this for real? I can’t possibly meet two hot guys the same day.. same time.

Mr B got the attention he deserved from the bartender.. and he said.. ‘can we have f…ing three drinks please?’ with that killing grin. Bartender (hot as well) ‘you got to wait.. i am busy..’ followed by a wink and smile.

We got our white martinez a little later.. while B was telling about his latest trip to carnival at Brazil.. J seemed to know a little about it.. and i was enjoying the talk and feasting my eyes. Smiling back, stealing glances, staring at other people and paintings on the wall..

after a while.. they started talking about new york and new jersey.. and finally .. a topic i can pick on. well.. there were jokes.. and then some fun moments and touches..

there were just two seats and we were taking turns.. sitting on them. this time it was me and J.. A guy who came for drink stop to get a glance at us.. and says.. you guys are like sodom and gomrah.. and he is falling in love with us. That was best comment we ever got.

While B was out for a leak.. I had my first personal moment with J. and then.. there was so little to talk about.. before we knew.. our mouths got busy.. and wow.. that felt real good. we didn’t realize B was back..

after some more whiling.. we decided we would go checkout the dance floor.. after a few minutes of dancing.. B was busy going around.. while J and I paired up..

It was time for J to take a leak.. so I was waiting for him.. on the seat.. and B just reappeared.. He asked for my number.. and wanted to know if I would meet him up later.. (is he kidding!!!). after that.. it was a loooong kiss.. that i never wanted to end.

it did end.. when J stopped by.. with his look. There was nothing else but to laugh. after another hour of dancing and flirting with people around.. we got out. J was hungry.. We were having a Pizza.. when.. B put forth an options.. do you guys :
– wanna go to my place
– or get back in and spend a crazy nite..dancing

yeah rite. is going to your place any less crazy.. was it an option to choose. -)

for the next few moments was hunting for cab.. which was unusually difficult at that junction. we finally found one.. and we just had to get in.. before the action could begin.. i was getting a little conscious because of the cab driver.. but B and J were busy.. making sounds.. when suddenly i felt two hands.. one feeling my leg and the other feeling my ears.. followed by kissing B. Thats it.. consciousness.. was gone.

well.. now.. that was just the beginning.. the nite i will never forget.. and the nite that helped me used my body parts for different purpose…. of course.. we got out on our different ways.. the next afternoon.. (which felt early to get up after the previous nite..) and we might never meet again..but B and J will always remain part of my experience..