July 2006

Type A person.. a perfectionist at whatever he touches. He is not obnoxious, but he doesn’t hesitate to be blunt and non-modest. He is smart and not malicious. Quick to grasp and he is hard to catch up..

To add to my pleasure.. his areas of interest are my current needs. He enjoys cooking, listening to music and runs a firm. It was just the right thing to do on a wet summer day.. it was drizzling as I walked through to the 72nd and broadway.. (Part of the fun in walking is the chance of getting a glimse of people..)

Well.. as I walked, he was playing this music.. (it was pleasant.. can’t remember which one.. though).. after those initial relaxing moments.. we opened the wine.. and chatted for a while..

then it was time for what he had prepared for the nite.. it was very admirable. he put in a lot of effort to get back home on a friday.. get fresh stuff from the market.. and prepare everything indegeniously..

it was my best supper in a while.. the hot broth.. and the sweet corn.. and the pepper.. the aroma.. was all just tooo perfect…

well he is Type A, which made it very difficult for me to guess what I could buy him. he has all the available books on cooking.. (literally.. ) and the same with his music collection. unless i compramize on the quality, there is no way, I could get him something. And he just won’t have any compramized stuff.. (except for me ofcourse.. the thought of being someone less perfect.. and he still wanting to be with me surprises me..mind you.. i am quite happy with myself. he just surprises me..)

during the supper.. we hit upon the topic of what was bothering me at that moment.. and he just happened to be the best one to talk to.. he seemed to knw it all and i got away with a good food and great advice..

the next few hours were awesome.. with few new things to learn ( ;-) )

The next day .. we found ourself walking through the central park.. a cool romantic day. he mentioned the great lawn was the emptiest that day.. for a weekend. time passed by.. and he took me to the resorvoir.. then to the castle.. and to the turtle pond..

trekked around a little.. and we were on our way back..

it was a memorable date…


Later days.. if you have seen this movie.. you must remember the moments where the mormon guy given the analogy of connecting dots with life. he says.. life is that game with people as dots. look at them independently, they don’t make sense.. but when you connect them.. it is very meaningful.

This weekend.. something happened that exemplified the analogy. so.. there is this guy I once spoke to a few months ago. He is the kind of guy whom I would love to hang out with. Someone who is happy go lucky and is interested in travelling.

well.. the only problem is that, he is toronto.. quite far and no chance of meeting.

we happened to meet online again yesterday. this time.. we both had something similar going on. we both have been dating. i was telling him that i went to this pride in new york with my date.. and on the same day.. he went out with his date to toronto pride.

it began there.. and then we ended up talking about how crazy the dates are. an extra baggage.. with insecurities and jealousy.

the best of things happened.. when he told me about the guy he was dating. It was the same guy I dated a few months back. We both felt the same way about this guy. and then one thing after another.. things just seemed to be the same with us.

the same kind of snaps that we take.

well… we both were going through somekind of rough time with current dates.. and for the exact similar reasons. talking to each other was the best thing to happen.

after a pretty long conversation we both left lighter and happier.