February 2007

it was for an wintery saturday afternoon..
a late lunch and a good chat..
casual date was the plan..

it was going to be his place..
he would cook .. my choice of food..
all i had to do was be there..

thoughts kept playing as i drove..
was it just going to be a platonic date..
am too old.. to believe that..

after wat seemed like a very quick drive..
i was there parking my car..
and in no time.. knocking his door..

a welcome smile.. with a homely face
aha.. certainly a keep.. i thought
as i walked in and started feeling at ease..

yummy stuffed aloo paratha, palov and halwa..
as we talked and watched hugh grant ..
in sense and sensibility..

a fabulous three hours passed by..
and at some point.. he was stroking ..
my hair.. and rubbing my neck..

we were getting there.. i thought..
and i had no intentions to stop..
but then.. there it was staring at me..

he was going to get married..
in a couple of weeks..
and he said.. thats wat he wanted..

very nice!! i said..
wished him all the best of things..
and i knew it was time to run…

instead.. i stayed.. played along..
after-all.. we were just friends..
and it was a platonic date..

we talked.. indeed.. like
the best of friends..
before we knew.. it was dinner time..

and we spent the nite..
watching the movie.. ‘i think i do’..
sleeping in each others arms…

the morning broke.. with it
came the realities.. he got the call..
from his finacee.. overseas..

it was then.. it came back to me..
he will be soon gone!!
and it was end of our casual date..

i would remember him..
for a long time to come.. but
will never see him again!!


monday morning.. wish it never came. started of with a bang!!

the one i have been thinking about a little lot these days.. the one who is my cursh for a few months now. the one who is close to my close friends.. the one who is going to be within a few miles in a few months…

he was online and available for a quick chat.. after what seemed like a good first chat.. i ended up asking him.. if he would be interesting in dating me. he declined.

was it a good thing to ask him out? i feel it is. now that i know i can’t have a thing with him, i probably can look else where.. now that i can’t have that thing.. i probably can try and be his good friend..

but i wonder.. would it have been wiser to ask him out after a few chats.. would his response be any different? now there is no way of me finding that out. wish my mind would stop wondering…