March 2007

Early Spring. And my first spring in Massachusetts. Moved here from New Jersey for a new job. MA was an exciting place to be for a travel person like me. With its rich heritage and culture, I am looking forward to have a good time while I am here.

This thursday, however I was online chatting to meet new friends. When I told my friends about my move to Boston area, my friends initial reaction was .. ‘good luck with the guys there.’ Boston queers seems to have an standoff’ish culture. Tough to break into or so I have heard.

Anyway, here I was trying my luck on a thursday nite, after getting off the phone with Arvish. (Arvish is from New York and he mentioned he was going to be in Boston for the weekend.) After checking for various picture in the room, some headless, some shirtless.. and some picless. I did stop at this well toned gym torso. If there were any relation between a good torso and the face, this person would turn out to be very handsome. (Unfortunately, there is no such co-relation.)

But what the heck. He has a good body. So I hit up with him for an Hi. After a few minutes, I gathered he was 41, Italian living near the coast of Atlantic ocean. And in chat you can usually tell by the frequency of questions if the person is interested to take it further. And going by that hypo-thesis, this Italian made no reservations in expressing his interest. And well.. i must admit he flattered me with the words on how slim and young and cute I look.. (I am 29.)

Now after a while of Zing-Bang and he convincing me about his package, I wondered aloud if there was any chance of meeting the next day evening. He convinced that I wasn’t letting a good package go by, agreed to meet. So it was a perfect setting for a ‘fools rush in’.

The next day – Friday however it was different. Neither of us called each other to confirm the meeting but I did work my way through the day to be in time at the rendezvous mall. Malls I find are the best places to meet people and take a walk or grab a bite. You can also know what a person is interested in as we walk through the various shops. It is amazing how some stop at chocolates, some at books and some at designer stuff.

So I was at the mall parking my car, when he called me. He was already there waiting at the place. It was about a couple of minutes before I reached there. I was of course getting there straight from work and all I could say after “Hi, nice meeting you’ was to say ‘I need to take a leak.’ Another reason why I like malls. There are emergency stops.

So after being relieved from the internal pressure, I got back to him and was paying close attention to his sharp features while he talked about his day at work. Nice blue eyes, short hair, lips that are not stiff.. and smile that does show his teeth. The chin and cheeks were tight.. a huge plus for me. After what seemed like a decent conversation of fifteen minutes, we stopped for a fruit chiller and a coffee mocha.

As we sat there and spoke about his interests in travel and his origins from Italy, i started to get pulled into the charm of an mature guy who can make a conversation and carry himself well. And I was wondering if Bostonians were really standoff’ish. Sometime during that conversation, I registered that he told me I was very cute (of course it wasn’t to be taken at the face value and I usually am skeptical about such statements in the first meeting.)

So after a while of chit-chatting, he wondered if it was too early to go his place and watch a movie. (A movie.. yeah rite.) But well. That indeed was an wonderful idea. I was aching to get intimate myself so I decided to take this little detour before my friend from New York arrived in town.

It was a good 50 mins drive to his place and for the first time in three months I was not in the drivers seat of a car. I enjoyed watching the sky line of Boston (it was 7pm) as we turned from Mass Pike to Rt 1A. In a few mintues, we were driving by the coast line. The cool breeze, that i couldn’t feel sitting inside the car ached me. But the view of people walking the side-walk was fantastic.

After a 10 minute drive alongside ocean, we were at his house. Very conveniently located with a the living room, kitchen and the bed room facing the ocean. Being an night with clear skies and full moon just a couple of days way I could see the shadow of the moon in the vast water. Those were the moments of serenity. Standing with my hands in the pocket, watching through the window, carrying myself over into the experience of the sea.

Soon after that, he was back to join me with a glass of wine and ……..

The spell was broke by the alarm of 9.15 which I set, so that I can make it on time to the train station.

A river side condo. an experience to remember.


Life is a journey, family is who we travel with. At some point, we choose a place and people.

this 1960 movie.. just stunned me. it is based in new york.. and is about a life of a regular clerk who is working his way in career and is having this moments with life (finding love…)

it stuck me that, the quality of life.. hasn’t changed every since. almost 50 years now.. and still a guy has to work through his career.. stumble through various people to find that true love.

all these advancements in technology? why aren’t they improving the quality of life?

“I am 28 and all I am good at is being gay. It is fine. I took a long time to come out and I realized I had a lot of catching-up to do. Being among friends, partying and enjoying is all good. It is time to move on to next phase with someone out there. Someone who doesn’t have any catching-up todo..”

“Sometimes I wonder, what you would do if you weren’t gay. It seems like all you do now is talking about being gay.”

Sitting in the famous stone wall park, is my favorite scene. Adam says – “He and I are so different, will this work?”. His best friend is quick to respond. She says -”Thats the problem with you gays. Between Guy and Girl, we accept the fact that we are always going to be different. But between a Guys, you expect to find a carbon copy of yourself.”

What is God? At a party, someone blows the balloon and floats it into the air. Others give it a gentle push, just to keep it floating.. That is God

At the end, when Steve asks Jeffrey why does he love him (knowing there is no cure), Jeffrey tosses the balloon and Steve pushes it.. and dares him!!

March 24th, the weekend with good sunshine, melting the snow from the previous week’s snow storm. It is crazy how quickly the weather turned around. But it did. The weekend was perfect for a Spring Awakening.

So it was decided that I drive down to my bear friends in Connecticut. It was around noon when I reached the Rocky Hill. A town with a dinosaur park. Husbear once mentioned that they found the skeletons (or was it footprints) of dinosaurs in that area. The bear-cave close to the highway and is a cozy place with a cute backyard. I am lucky to have know these bears, since many a happy and fun moments I have shared with them.

I was just in time for a yummy filling lunch, thanks to tapak bear. He is an amazing cook. The chicken curry with the coconut juice was mouth watering. After lunch we set out to the city of glittering lights.. New York.

It was the Sholay Night. Sholay is an gathering of south asians, dancing away till morning to the bollywood numbers. With two floors of indian and non-indian guys.. it is a rite place to see the wild side…of usually introvert indians.

We had a little detour to pick up an fresh guy who just got out of the boat. It was our den for the nite. In queens close to Roosevalt Avenue. As I walked those roads, it was like a deja-vu. Of course, it was where Big B lived. It has been a while since I got in touch with Big B after that crazy friday nite an year ago. I had seen him briefly in another party, but it was too short to even register.

Anyways, back to present, we spent sometime going to indian groceries and it was fun watching a little bombay. The people, the stores with titles in Bengali, the display of sarees. It is nostalgic, reminds of home that is on the other side of the ocean.

It was 8pm as we walked towards the sub-way in the light drizzle. We walked a while, a good fifteen minutes before we entered the underground transportation. It is amazingly lively at all times. I have been acquainted with sub-way for more than a couple of years now and have been in it at different times, early mornings or evenings, mid-day or mid-nite. Sometimes I wonder, if it there were no sub-way trains, can New York take so many people.

We decided to head to “Therapy” on 52nd street between 8th and 9th Avenue. A lounge of hot delicious guys, perfect for a quick warm-up. The bartenders are hot and so are some of the people who are around the tables. Well, my tastes vary drastically and I find a whole bunch fascinating. So there was this four guys across the table, who were deep in conversation. But one of them, who seemed like the most silent of them caught my eye. A round face with a cute smile, his eyes were attentive and something about him attracted me toward him.

Of course then there was this tall guy who walked in with a style, walked straight to the center chair. If the bar table were a king’s court, he was certainly taking the place of the king. He removed his coat and placed it on that throne. Walked to the bar, and was back with a glass to his thrown. He set the glass on the table, he put his hands on the table and with his raised head he was glancing at everyone. May be looking for a subject for tonite. (I wonder)

Well, there were many others, but it was time we filled ourself with some real food. East of Therapy was “Victor’s” – an authentic Cuban restaurant. Husbear’s nieghbour told him about this place and how good the food and the ambience was. It was the choice of the night for us.

It was a little hard to pick up the course, but the waiter helped us out. So it was decided that we would have an plate of appetizers with an assortment of everything from veggies to chicken to fish. As we took bites, we couldn’t stop admiring how soft and delicious it was. The main course wasn’t really necessary but we did have it and it was no less tastier than the appetizers. Of course I couldn’t finish it all.

After a good one and half hour at the cuban diner, we were in the cab to 150 Varick Street. If I were a cab driver in New York, I wonder how much of the world I would have known. New York has a diverse crowd from different nations to different queeristic behaviors.

It was just over midnite when we entered the club and usually the place starts to attract crowd around that time. Like other clubs, even here there is a warm-up time where people just stand around the dance floor..  I have been a regular visitor to this gathering and have made quite a few friends. Some glad and some not so glad…

As I entered the lounge, I saw him. The slim, tall, dusky Dudesy. I met Dudesy at the last party and something about his manor indicated he was a decent chap. Very opinionated, but kind at heart. He wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect, which explains why I can’t take it any further with him. Oh, the last quarrel we had about was about me not shaving enough, which i usually do once a week.

After a few hugs and introductions, we set out to explore the first floor. Standing next to the stairs was the guy from California. We had a chat a few months ago and today was going to be our rendezvous. Technically today would be second time, but the last time though we saw each other, we weren’t sure enough to talk to each other. So I walked to him this evening and took him away from his girl friend. After saying a little hi and taking a closer look at him, I found myself searching for words to speak. I was wondering what make me think I would get along with him. Well, everyone is worth an Hi.

Following that, there were a series of Hi and Bye’s, it was as if going to an social gathering. After a while the music kicked in and was dancing along with the bears and others in the crowd. Then after a while, there was a drag dance to the popular numbers of madhuri. I don’t remember the songs but, it was fun watching them. Of course Dudesy was complaining that ‘why aren;t they doing any better?’. No comments.

After what seemed like three numbers, the stage was taken over again by the enthusiastic bunch. The ones who usually are more eager to enjoy shirtless. They are fun. Unlike other parties, I seemed pretty stiff.. and as some new dude who happened to dance next to me.. started to unbutton me. I excused myself politely and walked down to take a break. There were less people and more air downstairs. And I just sat there, thinking nothing.

He walked past me. Looking at me just long enough to exchange a quick smile. I kept looking in the direction he left and was wondering what just happened. Well, he wasn’t indian, but he looked very handsome.

After what seemed like a long gap, which is hardly a minute or two, he was coming back. And this time, he was certainly looking for me and I was looking at him. I said Hi. And he offered his hand in hello. I am G Arayan – I said. I am Greg – He said. It was very unusual, but we sat together and started making a conversation.. or at least a pretense.

Taking the excuse of the loud music, we would shout into the other’s ears, and in the process brush against the cheek. I could feel some of my other parts changing their shapes at that gentle touch. Surprisingly we had a lot to talk about.

There were his friends who stopped to say hello to him. He would excuse and come back to me.. and I had the bears and Dudesy stop by too. I excused Dudesy telling I would rejoin him upstairs, while I introduced Greg to the bears. The Husbear, let out his nice all knowing smile, when I told him I just met him. Looking at the way we were holding each other, it would have been a tough guess.

After that we were left to each other.. and soon we lost words to talk too or atleast I had nothing more to say.. but a lot of feel. I started looking at him.. feeling his chin. Brushing my fingers on the slight beared from a two day shave. Looking into his glowing eyes and the dimple on his chin and that beautiful smile.

There was a brief peck on the lips, before we were feeling each other with out cheeks and hands exploring other decent places. I could have spent the rest of the night just being there, lost in his fragrance. But then, we had friends to go back to. And well moments end.

We exchanged our numbers and set out to look for our friends. It wasn’t long before I found them and were heading out of the place. It was 4.30am. We took a short walk to the McDonald’s and gossiped while having coffee.  And a little later we were on the train back to Queens. While my friends drifted into the sleep, I drifted back into the moments I spent with Greg.

5am. We reached home. And then a long slumber sleep into the sunday.

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