Should they?

Ok let us see how it goes. We meet a guy in a bar or on chat, start off with ‘how are you’ and somewhere down the line establish the fact that he is single..

Then start talking about stuff that you can talk to only a queer.. like ‘when was your first time?’ or ‘when was your last time?’ and I just hope it won’t go to ‘who was your last one?’

And slightly subtle questions like ‘when did you come out?’ or ‘have out are you?’ or ‘how did you come out?’ (This probably i think would soon phase out..)

And then comes ‘do you know this guy or that guy?’

Oh did I miss to mention the talks about the ‘past relationships?’ (Can never have a simple answer to this one..)

These seemingly harmless questions carry with them a certain degree of gossip, embarrassment or distorted characteristics about someone not in the conversation..

Imagine this..

It was a sunday afternoon, i walked into a friends apartment. This friend is more like a social magnet for the queers and you can be sure to find a bunch of guys hanging out there.. Hallway was unusually quite and then I heard some giggles from the other room.. There..they are.. laying down lazily around a bed on the floor. In the center was this new guy in town.

I was surprised to see him there (he was in town just that week, and we spent a nite a couple of days ago), but hey.. it is a small world. Especially the queer’s world.¬† If the real world is connected by six degrees, we are connected by two (utmost three) degrees of separation.

Anyways, the moment I entered there was sudden silence, quickly followed by a huge laughter. Except the new guy and me.. My friend, into whose apartment I just walked in told me that the new guy had just finished answering one of the ice-breakers..

I will never know what he exactly said (or did I try later to find out), but it probably was about what happened when we tried to do it with open doors at my parents house.. I brought myself to smile.. before I could pull myself together from the embarrassment the discussion soon moved on to another juicy ice breaker..

Apart  from being funny and embarrassing what does it do? Prejudice.. of course.

Have you ever had a feeling that – that guy in the bar is sending you ‘i know what you are’ vibes, even though you can hardly remember ever seeing him..

Well, they aren’t all that bad, are they? Like I wouldn’t have to date this guy who I now know will never go beyond base 2, or this guy that is only jerking around for money or a place to live..

Should the ice breakers change? what are your experiences with these seemingly harmless ice breakers?