Start talking about the one common experience every gay man shares. When did you come out? Are you out to your family, friends, co-workers?
I hope this becomes history, but till then.. it fills a large part of conversation and sometimes quite insightful..

Now that both parties have found something common and made the connection that they are indeed Gay, they want to hear each other out. Have you been in a relationship before?

This is a tricky one. People always have some thing to tell for this question, even if one was never in a gay relationship, he was or thought he was in a relationship with some straight guy in the past.

By now a lot has been shared and it is time to get very very personal.. When did you start having sex?

The question actually is – when did you first get the opportunity to have sex. Isn’t that what determines it unless of course one is either molested as a child or molested other child…

If a few laughs have been shared over the previous question, the next one is inevitable…  How many guys have you slept with?

This could either be an funny or awkward question.. based on whether you are running the risk of being labeled as promiscuous or someone who has had good fun..  But then does anyone answer this question honestly or can anyone do it without maintaining a journal? Is it possible for a gay guy to have slept with less than 10 guys?  If you answer in single digits, does it even count? However, this question has a strange effect on the mind, it brings images of the people with whom I had sex and it was either enjoyable or miserable!

OK. Assuming the previous question has amused both parties.  The deed is being done..
Lying butt naked, out comes this question – “What would you like me to do?” or “What is your sexual fantasy?” 

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