when ever i visit or stay with my friends who are in relationship, be it for a casual dinner or an weekend get away, a strange yearning takes over me…

not sure if it is their unconscious indulgence in acts like brushing the hand through the lovers hair for no apparent reason, like how they give each other an hug or a kiss when passing through beautiful scenery or hearing a song or just when there is nothing else to do..

and there is nagging too, pushing each other to the limits of insanity, only to end up in an intoxicating moment invariably resulting in a kiss or an hug.. again.. which is kind of sweet. well, if they don’t drive each other crazy, they keep cross till they find the next thing they haven’t done together and it is all lovey-dovey again..

the acts don’t always involve both of them. like when one of them wakes up early in theĀ  morning and is making coffee for the other one, or when one of them is out shopping and finds something that his partner might like..an ice cream, an flower or may be just a music record or a leather belt.

and then of course there are moments when they come together to extend their joy to the family members. be it taking one of their parents to an dinner or a lake or just a walk outside the house.. it is amazing how they embrace a complete stranger if it were not for his boyfriend..

can these acts be labeled as caring, affectionate and sexually intimate? or is there something invisible and intangible in relationships?

ah.. whatever it is, it always takes me a couple of days to get over the relationship hang over…