As I turn the pages of thirty, i have started noticing some changes. Well, consequences eventually catchup (of course there is an element of chance)..

For one, the body has started communicating in a new language and I certainly need help of a doctor to understand it.. So i began my hunt for a doctor.. better to be informed than surprised.

My first impulse was to find someone close to home…

I asked a few friends if they had any recommendations.. the replies poured in all with the same message, try going to a doctor who is comfortable with your sexuality and Fenway Community Health was on the top of everyone’s recommendation.

doctor.. sexuality.. didn’t know that was so important. (what was i thinking..)

anyways.. took the advice and scheduled the appointment with Fenway.

in the process of collecting my information the doctor asked a few questions that convinced me that it was a very good idea to go to a doctor who knows the lifestyle that i lead.

– are you sexually active?

– do you have sex with men, women or both?

– when was the last time you had your HIV?

– did you know the person with whom you had sex last time?

– was there penetration? did he cum in your mouth?

Wonder if the general doctors ask these questions? would they be missing a major piece in the health puzzle if they did not ask?

Any case, for me it was a pleasant experience. I don’t have to keep a watch on symptoms, do research and decide if i should go to an Male Center or a general Physician. It is a delight to go to one specialist who can do that for me.

What are your experiences? what about places where doctors are not yet comfortable with sexualities?