[We had an wonderful date. Went out to a park, went ice skating and then dinner. We stay a few miles apart. So communicate over IM or SMS. It was the third day after our first date..]

Me on Day 3 at 8:47pm : I am still out. Will be late.

He on Day 3 at 8:52pm : Ahhh what r u up to.

Me on Day 3 at 9:00pm : Dinner with a friend.

He on Day 3 at 10:57pm : will I maybe see you online tonight?

[ We had a quick chat that night, and met him a couple of days later, went to the beach.]

He on Day 6 at 00:44am : hi – did you get home already. Just wanted to text you good night.

[ I spoke to him, we met again couple of days later. We went shopping. We brought shoe on 1+1. Later we had dinner with his friend.]

[The following week was hectic. we only had IMed each other. He suggested I move close to his area so we could meet even on busy days. I told him I have to think about it..]

He on Day 14 at 4:30pm : hi there, what are you upto?

[I called him and let a message that I will talk to him later.]

He on Day 15 at 10:23pm : hi. Haven’t heard a peep from you since you left a message last night. Say hi on here if you get a chance.

[We IMed. Met him for dinner the day after. He was disappointed I have not been able to decide on whether I should move close to him. I told him, we should take it slow. He did not like the response. There was no msg that night…]

[He IMed a couple of days later. I was busy with work and also did not want to deal with the confrontation at that time. I IMed back. will be right back.]
He on Day 18 at 10:10pm : is 35 minutes considered “right back” I don’t know Haha.

[I ignored the message]

He on Day 18 at 11:44pm : bye fucker

[I ignored the message]

He on Day 18 at  11:52pm : Get out of my country

[I ignored the message]

He on Day 18 at 11:58pm : You ll die lonely you know

[I ignored the message]

He on Day 19 at 00:03am : I’m throw those shoes out – if you want to return then tell me and ill leave them outside near the door.

[I wish I could block SMS from some numbers…]

He on Day 19 at 00:15am : I’m sending something to india – a hurricane a tidal wave an earthquake maybe but it will only affect those that deserve it.

He on Day 19 at 00:34am : I’m not stoping this till you respond.

He on Day 19 at 02:09am : if you don’t txt message something back on here by morning I’m gonna call [company] to get you on the phone!

[I woke up that morning with 6 missed calls and didn’t receive any call at [work] to which I am grateful!]

He on Day 21 at 07:07pm : do you want to go on aim to chat?

He on Day 21 at 10:10pm : Hey what r u up to?

[Called him the next day and told him I don’t want to talk to him. He asked if I was angry, I told him no. but I was upset.  Thankfully no more surprises since… ]