“Can I get you something?” he asked..

Took a moment before I said.. “water please…”

It seemed like an eternity, even though it was just a moment. Something wasn’t right. Was it because he looked different than what I imagined from seeing his pictures? Or was it because he did not speak a word on the apartments buzzer, but just buzzed me in.. Was it because he wanted me to meet at home than meet at coffee shop.

I was standing alone between the packed boxes, the TV was on.. a couch was set up and in the dim light I could see the cleanly spread bed. It is an studio.

He just moved in to the neighborhood. We have been chatting for a while on Manhunt.

Oh btw, Manhunt provides some very interesting profiles and chats.

It is 11pm.. And the plan was I will sleep over.. Why not? I thought…

Standing there.. I had two choices after I decided I won’t sleep over… jerk off or be a jerk..

He was back with the glass.. took a sip of water..

I could see his quivering lips.. he was shirtless… his happy pot belly.. and i looked up…

“Listen”, I said. “I am going home. Let us not do this today”

“Are you not interested? Is that it?”

Looked into his eyes. “Yes”. It came out.

“OK”. he said

And as I walked out, closing the door behind me.. he wasn’t there.

And as I left in the mid night, I had a sense of peace.. than I would have had if I had left the next morning..