unlike the hetro-sexuals, we are not bound by legal, religious or social framework to evolve our courtship into anything that might provide us with ……………… (sometimes it is hard to know what i am missing till i actually have experienced)

in a culture where male bonding is accepted as de-facto, it is effortless to be in an eternal courtship..

yes.. eternal courtship.. is what it is, though we have taken it far beyond the physical etiquettes set by the pre-1950s..

but this courtship..i feel is similar to hetro-sexuals when it comes down to the day-to-day facets outside of the bedroom..

for instance, at the luncheon, a reunion of my college friends, i went with him, like they came with their spouses. we settled around the round table, each of us with our other half… sharing pieces of masala pappad and roties.. while being present with the group, every now and then, involving in a private moment.. sharing a joke, or passing on information or be it just tapping three times, which meant _ _ _ which only we understood..

we took leave from the luncheon, to welcome guests coming come to see the gollu…

as we walked towards the parked vehicle few streets away, we walked hands held…….

yes! holding hands, putting the hand around the shoulder.. slowly sliding the hand to _ _ _  and stopping the hand before it reaches  _ _ _.

isn’t this courtship? isn’t this what people in hetro-sexual courtship do…

as we were driving home, on 8th cross going down towards vyalli kaval we stopped at an gollu shop..

sets of dolls in various concepts.. dashavataras and astha lakshmis in different sizes, temple possession, wedding/reception, sasthi poorthi with their children..

we ended up picking karagattam.. which included an hetro-couple carrying stacked pots on the head, while their four male companions are playing different musical instruments. now the set also had four on-lookers.. two male and two female. which can either be kept as hetro-sexual couple of homo-sexual couples.. since they are not the center of attraction, and are part of the crowd, no one actually notices whether they are gay or straight…

anyway.. so some of our gay friends visited to see the gollu… the fact that it was boys, who came home to see the dolls didn’t raise as many questions as i had expected. questions like .. like why are guys interested in dolls? why are these guys coming as couple..

in fact, when we went to visit the dolls at the neighbors house, she welcomed our curiosity, parted us with tambulas…

if it were not for the socio-economic perks.. something to the effect of rights at work-place, health care facilities, finding a house to live together, saving on the tax…

i think our culture does support (and probably, even makes it easier) for homo-sexual courting.. as long as we don’t tell and they don’t ask..