With total awareness of AIDS and STD in the media, a random sex hookup has become a taboo, or at least an apprehensive venture. Random hookup which was once an integral part of the gay-culture is becoming something of an exception rather than the rule..

May be it is a good thing or may be not…

The Park on Boylston Street and Fenway is known for random sex hookups and the petty crimes. There has been some effort in making the place safer by installing emergency helplines, those blue slim phone poles. I avoided being seen in the area after the mugging encounter last year… For the record, I was just passing by the bolyston street with my ex. Really!

Anyways, there is Machine close to this park, which is good place to hang out on a friday night.

Last night I was there, going to machine. I didn’t realize it was a game night, there was a flood of people coming towards boston from fenway and needless to say, it was safe to pass…

I got out of the club around 1am and had to walk near the park to get back to my car.. Was a little tensed, but dismissed the thought of taking a cab.. I set out to walk. I could see a couple walking out of boston towards fenway, that is a good sign.. even though they were on the opposite side of the road. I soon saw another guy, join the Bolyston from the Park drive. I walked as fast as I could to just tag along and yet maintain some distance so he doesn’t get scared of me..

Crossed the park, and couldn’t resist my curiosity to take peek into the park as I walked. May be i was expecting something to happen, there certainly was a thought to quickly get inside and check it out.. but couldn’t gather the enough courage to do it. Wish I knew kum-fu or karate. Damn!

I was now almost in the city.. and the first soul from the opposite side was now walking towards me. He was young, in his early twenties with one of those sexy scruffy looking hair. He was carrying a back pack, seemed like he was dragging his feet, may be he had a few drinks….

I didn’t realize I was staring at him, till he startled me with an unusual gesture. He rubbed his dick. I looked into his eyes and he was staring back at me.. and my eyes immediately dropped down to where his hand was. It was right where it was, cupping it and I felt as if he was telling me he had something i might like..

I looked back at him once more and.. and this time I was as close to him as I can get while crossing a person from the other side..

I passed, walked a few steps and when I knew what just happened I turned around just to make sure it really happened. He was looking towards me..

I walked towards my car…

He will remain that kid I wish I did with.. or may be not..

Ah this reminds me of cubbon park in Bangalore. Have you had any such experience in cubbon park? Did you go through with it?

Do you wish you had random hookup despite this whole health-scare awareness?


As I turn the pages of thirty, i have started noticing some changes. Well, consequences eventually catchup (of course there is an element of chance)..

For one, the body has started communicating in a new language and I certainly need help of a doctor to understand it.. So i began my hunt for a doctor.. better to be informed than surprised.

My first impulse was to find someone close to home…

I asked a few friends if they had any recommendations.. the replies poured in all with the same message, try going to a doctor who is comfortable with your sexuality and Fenway Community Health was on the top of everyone’s recommendation.

doctor.. sexuality.. didn’t know that was so important. (what was i thinking..)

anyways.. took the advice and scheduled the appointment with Fenway.

in the process of collecting my information the doctor asked a few questions that convinced me that it was a very good idea to go to a doctor who knows the lifestyle that i lead.

– are you sexually active?

– do you have sex with men, women or both?

– when was the last time you had your HIV?

– did you know the person with whom you had sex last time?

– was there penetration? did he cum in your mouth?

Wonder if the general doctors ask these questions? would they be missing a major piece in the health puzzle if they did not ask?

Any case, for me it was a pleasant experience. I don’t have to keep a watch on symptoms, do research and decide if i should go to an Male Center or a general Physician. It is a delight to go to one specialist who can do that for me.

What are your experiences? what about places where doctors are not yet comfortable with sexualities?