A 2003 french movie by Christophe Honoré, story of a middle class family, with four brothers. the plot starts with one of the brothers discovering that he is HIV positive and it follows his ordeal in conveying this to his family and friends..

the movie raises a lot of questions and leaves the viewer to ponder upon issues like:
– should a truth such as this be kept a secret from little brother?
– is it possible to keep it a secret from a family member you live with? can the elders hide their emotional reactions from their children?
– if nature and nurture both influence an individuals sexuality, how much does brotherly intimacy, shielded single mothers love or a sexually active parents influence a person’s sexuality? how should each of these members interact with a teenager?
– how does an teenager express his bottled frustration and the anger for being ignored or kept guarded?
– how all independent lives where each is allowed to live their personal identities affect each other?

from leo’s perspective:
– what about companionship? should he live with a lover or with family far away?
– should he live alone or drag the family into the world of hiv?
– will he ever be able to have sex again?
– what about raising children or just living the life without worrying about anything?
– can he ever have sex again?
– is he influencing his younger brother to become gay by getting very close to him?
– how can he love his brother and yet not wish him to take the same path to hiv as himself?

Have you seen it? What did you think?


The video says it all..

This 1998 movie depicts a budding relationship between an almost-out, physically-timid  gay guy and an completely-closeted, macho-sports-jock. The series of incidents that follow are fascinating showing how the timid guy attains the emotional clarity and the macho guy being succumbed to his vulnerabilities.

A 1990 movie that circles around the lives of few gay men who were affected by AIDS. It is a touching movie and truly takes you back in time and one could only wish they were not based on true facts.

We sure have come a long way since then. For instance the portrayal of a Gay doctor in Noah’s Arc who has survived AIDS. It presents a picture of hope and infact goes on to state that person with AIDS can indeed live a long life in countries like USA with proper medication. I am sure this is true.

Before I drift into totally different topic.. let me come back to Longtime Companion…

I think what is more sweet about this movie are the glimpses of queer lifestyle between two guys in relationship. The glimpses of happiness, confrontations, taking care and getting anxious of taking care.. and of course the silly moments which are all part of reality.

Life is a journey, family is who we travel with. At some point, we choose a place and people.

this 1960 movie.. just stunned me. it is based in new york.. and is about a life of a regular clerk who is working his way in career and is having this moments with life (finding love…)

it stuck me that, the quality of life.. hasn’t changed every since. almost 50 years now.. and still a guy has to work through his career.. stumble through various people to find that true love.

all these advancements in technology? why aren’t they improving the quality of life?

“I am 28 and all I am good at is being gay. It is fine. I took a long time to come out and I realized I had a lot of catching-up to do. Being among friends, partying and enjoying is all good. It is time to move on to next phase with someone out there. Someone who doesn’t have any catching-up todo..”

“Sometimes I wonder, what you would do if you weren’t gay. It seems like all you do now is talking about being gay.”

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