Raining on Sunday….Let it Rain.. Baby we got better things to do. Well, it is certainly not the way the country song goes. But for me it does.

There was a flood watch in place, the autumn rain which is going to stay for a while this time. After a long night at the party, I woke up feeling lazy and yearning for some body contact.

Megaplex, has a bear day every first and third sunday of the month. If you are wondering what Megaplex is and haven’t googled it, it is one of the remaining open gay bath house. Located just off the inter-state 95 in providence, rhode island.
This was going to be my first time to a bath house for real. The closest I have ever got to them was in the erotic movies, and of course from the movie ‘And the Band Played On’. The thought of being at a bath house, thus has a mixed reactions in the mind. Is it a place where I can see myself enjoying?

I rather see for myself what I am getting into than sit back and wonder about it. It is a rainy day, wonder if there would be many people though.. was my thought. Well, it is a rainy sunday afternoon, what else would people do today.

The drive was quick.. as the country music played on the radio. It was around 3pm when I reached the doors. The guy at the counter was collecting tickets from the person who arrived a couple of minutes before me. As I glanced through the notices, one particular paper caught my eye. It read something like, ‘please don’t give attitude, we will need to charge you extra to take care of your attitude.’

After a check on the age, I was making it through the locked doors. No alcohol or drugs, the gatekeeper told, as he handed me the keys to the lockers. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”, he said.. I decided I stick with the open space and not take any room. Oh yes, there are different rooms. But I would limit (or really expand) myself to the big space with sofas and a fake fireplace.

After quickly getting on to a towel and nothing else, it was time to take a tour of the place. The memory flashes from the movies did make the place look more familiar. The dingy spacious toilet rooms in the corners. They certainly can admit more than two people at once. Well.. I wasn’t going to try that today.

I made my way to the sauna, still feeling a little cold from walking in the rain outside. It was a small square shaped room with people standing along the circumference and some seated in the dual step. This was the first time ever, I got so close to seeing so many people in their bath towels.. and some without.

Well, the only thing about that place was that I couldn’t see the faces, but just the figures. So I moved on to explore the rooms outside and see how it really worked. As I went through the maize of rooms, I noticed some locked and some unlocked rooms. The unlocked ones, had either a single or a couple open to welcome the passer by. I rather have it from the beginning.. so open rooms didn’t interest me much.

As I walked past them, I reached a dark alley. Though I couldn’t tell how many were there(it was the darkest place), I could hear the activities being carried out at the peaks.  Doing in the darkness doesn’t interest me much. It is better when it is done in clear and bright light. So not willing to let myself into the darkness, I walked towards the showers.

This is probably the most shocking for an inhibited south asian queer. The part where you can’t hold on to your towel any longer. But hey, I have long shed that layer of inhibition. I was eager to put it out and wet myself.

A quick glance around at the eyes looking at the new entry and then a second glance at the one I liked the best among them. The third glance followed the invitation to share the shower. As you can tell, it never stops there. And as we felt and explored, I could sense the eyes watching us, but what do I care. The second co-incidence – meeting in the shower(yes, I will tell the first co-incidence later.). Meeting this guy at the bath room. After a while, we did realize, there was a queue forming with neither ‘us’ getting away nor the singles in the other showers watching us.

So we parted, since neither of us had taken a room. Third co-incidence – not having a room. He walked into the steam room, while I made my way to the sauna. After drying myself and still not finding the urge to explore in the dark, I made it to the front desk. The deal here, as I saw was each guy was making them self comfortable in one large sofa. Couldn’t tell if that was just for relaxing or waiting for a pickup.

A few moments later, I saw a hot body with six abs walk by. As I was still staring, I looked back and I smiled. Well, apparently thats a sign (which I wished it was), because he came back and said ‘I have a room, if you like’. That was the best pickup line ever. And the fastest hookup I ever got myself into……

It was time to hit the showers again… The shower room was empty by now and this time I was on my own. As I felt the warm water, I watched someone walk into the shower opposite me. So I turned around to see the aroused person. I was soon, sharing the shower with him, while someone came to use mine and turned it off. And this time I followed this guy into the steam room….

And then, a walk around the rooms again. Looked back at a guy in the doorway. (Even looking back is a signal.). I am 50 he said. “Really, I thought”. Who can tell the age from the looks. So I said ‘I am 29’. He said, it is right here. What he was talking about was his room number. Duh, what was I thinking? Does anyone speak of their age in the bath house.

Well. It was time for another shower. Really it felt like I am in a bath house now. The fourth co-incidence happened – He was back in the showers. The guy I shared my first shower with. It was more like a Deja-vu. This time, I followed him into the steam room. Of course, this is not a private space, but it was too late, a orgy group formed around us, just like they show in the movies.

He left at some point. And I tried to excuse myself after a while, but it wasn’t easy to disrupt the eco-system. Except that I had to use the word, ‘got to get back to my boy friend..’. Well they sure thought He and I were together. I guess it is one of those vibes we sent out.

So I walked back to the showers. He wasn’t there. Avoiding some advances in the shower, I made my way to the living space with that fake fireplace again. He was there having water. So I took it too and sat in the front couch. Fifth co-incidence. And it wasn’t sex this time. But a cuddle. Best body contact one can seek, or I think so..

As we spoke, he told me, he saw me walk in and was hoping to meet me inside. Oh, so it was you in the front.. I said. And bit my tounge. I just revealed that I hadn’t noticed him. After spending another half hour and as I got to know him, I realized I just found an interesting person.

Of all places, bath house was the least I would have expected to find someone like him. Someone who likes traveling, interested in religious histories, likes his job, reads books and listens to music. But hey, I was there too and I am good, nice, decent guy. Don’t you agree? 🙂

It was time to go. And it just happened that our lockers were next to each other. Sixth co-incidence. Well.. not really. It was because we walked in around the same time. So indeed, that was the first co-incidence – coming to the bath house at the same time. As I look back now, all the other co-incidences just fall in place all starting as we entered..

Ah well, back to the locker rooms. As long as were in the locker room, it was time to realize one of the fantasies that appear in the erotic movies… and we did. Not to mention the eyes that were peeping in once in a while..

Raining on Sunday….Let it Rain.. Baby we got better things to do….